Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Bartender Cabbie Immigration Reform Plan - The Time Is Now

The Boston Bombers are now out of business. It ended about as expected although it is somewhat surprising (and beneficial) perhaps that one is still "clinging to life." Possibly some things can be learned from him before his execution. One has to wonder what the nation has learned from yet another act of Mohammedan terror on our soil. Probably nothing. The powers that be in government, "education," and what passes for the media these days, are likely still afraid to call a spade a spade. Hard to fathom.

I have spoken at length on the sure fire way to end (or at least greatly reduce) the problem of illegal "immigration," rampant cross border drug smuggling, and perhaps even religious/political terrorist groups making their way into the United States proper. Namely that would be to close the southern border to all but legitimate business and tourist traffic. Seems like good commons sense and not, as the fruitloops among us say, racist. Or perhaps it is a bit racist and insensitive. Does that really matter?

We should also take a good hard look at some of those here on student visas. Would it make sense to send those that are here from unfriendly regions of the world packing? Probably so. Sales of air freshener may drop on college campuses but that that is a price we will just have to find someway to pay.

Is it "racist" and "intolerant" to point out the obvious? I'm sure of it. Just ask any punk ass liberal arts type college "professor."

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