Saturday, February 23, 2013

Computer Hacking and Red China

Red China's military (PLAN) has been accused by some in the U.S. of mass attacks on critical American computer networks of late. I believe that even Coca Cola alleges they have been victimized (attacked). Interesting. Is this what low intensity conflict between (developed and developing) nations has come down to? Not as violent (yet) as sending various Mohammedans to meet the virgins but.....

Is computer espionage and "hacking" with evil intent an act of war? I would imagine that some Iranians believe it to be just that. The "worm" that did some damage to the nuclear ambitions of the Islamic Republic originated somewhere (Israel and the U.S. allegedly) and reportedly slowed down Iranian progress in the nuclear field. In this particular instance, no one rational should have had any problem with warfare conducted in this manner. Probably a rather benign prelude to real fireworks in this case but the computer assault may have delayed the inevitable for a bit. Another subject perhaps...

The Red Chinese attacks are a different matter entirely. At some point in time (perhaps even now), China may have the capability to do real damage. Not talking about stealing secrets from some under secured business' computer system (although that is damaging enough), but real damage to the American infrastructure. When the power grid and communication systems are compromised with the net result of shutting our society down (until the warrior geeks sort it out), we will then know that computer warfare is real warfare.

Actually the ball is in our court here. China needs the U.S. much much more than we need them. They are dependent on our market (and to some extent our traitorous corporate types who offshore American jobs to mainland China), and they are owed God knows how much "money" from this nation.
If push comes to shove, this political class of this country could just decide that what is owed to Communist China is so much toilet tissue and that all American manufacturers are to cease doing business in that country forthwith.

Neither will happen of course what with our political leaders being globalists and weaklings. What to do then? Turn about is fair play. It is probable anyway that the game that China is playing against us is the same game we are playing against them.

One thing of note about this (rather) new form of warfare. It can be played by those who are militarily incompetent or lack capability. It would not be a surprise if many third world nations (Russia, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa  etc. etc.) are in the computer espionage and warfare business in a big way.

This new type of warfare has not yet led to a real shooting war. There is a first time for everything.

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